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Summer is officially over!  What a bummer.  I cant believe that those fun summer days in the sun are done until next year.  Its really sad to see the sun going down sooner, but even sadder waking up to a cold fall morning.  I know fall just started, but I am not looking forward to the cold.  Winter grows on me every year, it just takes me a while to accept it for what it is.  It is always nice to watch the first snow fall through the window, or sit in front of a fireplace sipping hot chocolate.  I really dont even mind shoveling after a heavy snowfall.  I think what I mind the most is that I am restricted as to what I can do outside.  I cant work in my garden.  I cant go for a run in shorts and a tank top.  I cant feel comfortable in the sunshine outside.  I cant just go outside for the sake of being outside.  I have to worry about how cold it is and how long I will last outside before I freeze.  And really....who would rather freeze in a car for the first 5 or so minutes of their drive instead of maybe rolling down the windows in the summertime and bearing the heat? I just love the summer so much that it makes any season that is not summer feel horrible.   

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look at hte bright side, summer will be back again!
i personally love fall, the weather is soo comfortable until it starts to get brisk and windy. I think that it is more comfortable outside when theres snow on the ground than just seems a little warmer some how.

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