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I know that this is random, but I sm going to answer the little question on the homepage of this blog site.  It asked me if I like to me sick alone, or if I like someone to take care of me, and do I usually go to work or school when I'm sick.  Lets see.....I am definitely a 'suck it up and deal' kind of person.  I will complain about being sick to my family and close friends, but I don't expect them to do anything.  I can imagine that that would probably be annoying to them being that I complain without doing anything about it.  Otherwise I will always try to face my problems when I'm sick and I try to continue in my daily activities.  I dont usually give up until I throw up or pass out.... haha it's not a very good way to be sometimes.  Its because of people like me that people in the food industry spread sicknesses throughout prepared food.  Sucking it up can be a good thing, but then there is a point where there is no benefit to acting like you are not sick,  but instead it is more harmful.

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ya im rarely too sick to go to work but wen i am i take care of myself

i know what you mean im rarely too sick to miss school but when i am i can take care of myself but sometimes its nice to have your parents assist, like cook.....i enjoy that

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