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The leaves are so beautiful right now!  Every year I fake myself into wishing that winter would never come, but every year the change in seasons seems to convince me that the natural way of things is really better than anyone can ask for.  Looking at it head on, who wouldnt want to remain in the bright, warm days of summer, instead of transitioning into the dark and cold days of winter?  It is those times where we forget what it feels like to be completely refreshed after walking out into a brisk fall morning.  Or the times where we are completely mesmorized by the site of every color that can be seen weaved into the framework of a single tree.  The lasting scent of a wood fire can take us back to memories that can only be viewed through smell.  The season lock together in a way that just makes sense and keeps us asking for the next day.  Though I have not completely welcomed the cold weather yet, I am open to ready for a new, changed day.

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I love the changing of leaves too. It really makes me want to go back home to go to the King and Queen Seed (giant boulders in the middle of a gorgeous forest). If you ever saw Tuck Everlasting its where they filmed it.

fall is my favorite season

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