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I am really loving the fact that Thanksgiving is so close!  In three more Thurdays Thanksgiving will be here!  That is a pretty big deal. In this area, every once in a while we will get snow by that time! I can believe that.  Even though our break really is not that long, it is nice to know that as soon as Thanksgiving is here, Christmas is right around the corner.  Thanksgiving and the little break that is associated with it are just a set of stepping stones that launch us into the Christmas spirit.  In three weeks and one day I will be making wreaths and Christmas cookies!  Wow, the more I think about it the more I realize that it is almost truely here.  The radio will soon be playing those old time Christmas songs that we love to here the first five times at the beginning of the season.  You know...the ones that we shut off by the time Christmas actually roles around because we cant take it anymore.  Along with season comes hunting season and of course snow.  I was really missing the summer time....but this idea of winter might actually be growing on me this year. 


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