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Looing back now on almost a whole life is so much different than i origionally thought it was going to be. I was never afraid to walk into the new experience of college. but I definitely was not overly joyous about leaving my normal routine to live with a bunch or kids my age. Right now I am happy with how everything is working out. I look at things and I feel like they could be so much worse, so I am happy. My roomate is awesome, my classes are doable, I am able to balance a job to earn a little extra income, and this semester is almost over! I can handle this. I feel like I am social enough to enjoy the college life, but disciplined enough to actually work for an education. I get to go home every weekend to see my family and my boyfriend and to continue my job at home. I feel like this balancing act is not too hard to handle. Im pretty happy.


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