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Beauty and the Beast

I have been waiting for Thursday to come since the weekend I guess.  I love thursdays....they are my day.  Having only one class is so nice.  Being able to sleep in is so nice.  Having the time to catch up on homework is so nice.  I love Thursdays.  Not to make it sound like I'm sucking up, but I really enjoyed our discussion in English class today.  Girls and guys are different in every aspect and we really established that today.  Beauty and the Beast took a simple question of "How do I look?" and showed the twisted intent that a girl has when asking and the fear that a guy has when answering.  Not only was the written piece presented well, but it also brought up good discussion.  Why do girls care so much about what they look like?  And what do guys do to encourage that need to be unrealistically beautiful? Why aren't guys caught up in the same mess and what can they do to keep themselves out of the doghouse when image questions come from a close girly friend?  Sure, theoretically the solution to this unjustified madness seems to be to just 'not care what others think'....but come on, how realistic is that?  To an extent you can ignore what others have to say...but isn't it human nature to want to be accepted?  We are social creatures, we arent meant to be loners (though there are always exceptions).  I guess girls will always strive to be more beautiful than their neighbors and guys will always love to watch the competition

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it is very possible to be accepted and not like everyone else as long as you accept who you are. and guys arent caught up with the whole look unexplainable beautiful thing because there are a lot of girls out there with low standards that makes it easy for any guy to get what he wants

i know its so unfair that guys dont "have" to live up to the same standards as we do

YA I really enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast discussion in class! ^O^ it got intense and was awesome! It was interesting to see and hear everyones opinion and see different views!


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